• SurGuard 3 safety needle


    With three ways to activate and a broader range of sizes than most other brands, SurGuard®3 is the industry's most adaptable safety needle.

  • SUR-VET®

    At Terumo, our line of veterinary products are bred for performance and designed to exceed the healthcare needs of pets, and the expectations of both clients and modern veterinary practices.

  • Surshield™ Safety Winged Blood Collection Sets image

    Surshield™ Safety Winged Blood Collection Sets

    Terumo's SurShield™ Safety Winged Blood Collection Sets with one-handed activation provides a solution with a cost-effective, easy to use design.

  • SURFLO® Winged Infusion Sets image

    SurFlo® Winged Infusion Sets

    SURFLO® winged infusion sets feature a precisely honed needle with an ultra-thin wall design, ensuring easy penetration and continued access with a single insertion.

  • SurFlash® Polyurethane I.V. Catheters image

    SurFlash® Polyurethane I.V. Catheters

    With SurFlash®, a quick and easy visual confirmation of catheter placement occurs with a unique flashback feature.

  • CAPIJECT® Safety Lancets

    High quality, single-use lancets offer the form, fit and function you can rely on.